The project Financial Literacy for Youth was designed to support the inclusion of the young people and support them in the process of developing money awareness, skills, and habits at key transformative moments, youth workers, educators, and educational leaders must be involved as frontline personnel. Youth employees already wear several hats, but they lack the necessary experience to wear the financial educator hat. 5 Youth organizations gathered data for the need analysis from 250 young people and 167 youth workers during the project’s initial development process to better understand financial activity and financial learning needs of the young people and youth workers/trainers/educators active in youth organisations (orgs). The research conducted in the countries involved in the planning phase clearly shows that Italy, Romania, Greece, and Spain are far behind Scandinavian countries, where financial education is taught as a curricular subject in schools and where young people begin to manage their finances early in life, The differences between the partner countries of the FLY project are indicative: while in Sweden, the financial literacy rate is around 65%, in the southern European countries the figure is about 45-49%, with the lowest, 25%, in Romania.

During the project, 100 young people can engage directly in five 3-days multiplying learning workshops activities to develop their financial literacy through non-formal activities and multimedia, interactive learning opportunities. We believe that today’s youth should be able to become economically motivated people who recognize the value of saving and are equipped with the skills to find work and build their own livelihoods. We want young people to learn how to budget effectively. We will help youth transition their awareness to their families and whole communities by inspiring them.


The aim of the 5 organizations is to design a set of 2 financial education resources for Youth organisations to use to equip young people with the know-how and key-competences required to achieve a high-quality financial life, based on the guidelines of the European Union incorporated in the “Financial Education for all” guide. Through FLY, we focus on increasing the quality and innovation of youth work through financial literacy, a topic which is not usually tackled by youth organisations, but mainly it is a playground for financial private and public institutions.


The FLY project aims to understand better the financial literacy gap of young people between 18 and 30 and to produce multilingual digital tools to help them fill it. The main project results are:

  • Digital Mind Maps, developed through best practice research and a questionnaire for 500 young people in 5 countries
  • Digital Playbook, through which youth workers and volunteers can involve and train young people in each country involved
  • Guidelines for organizations across the EU about young people and financial literacy

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